About music
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About music

…And it’s healing powers! No wonder various scientific and psychological studies have proved that music can lift our spirits, fight depression, improve blood flow, lower levels of stress-related hormones and ease pain. Did you know all that?! I didn’t but I felt it…and not only allows us to experience nearly or possibly all emotions that we encounter in our lives, but for me it does magical things! 

Why I wanted to talk about music today?! Because last night it healed me one more time…because today it helped me cry again and get rid of more negative things that were lingering in my mind and soul and because it’s music that helps me be creative and gives me the right state to paint. 

All this pandemic, not knowing what will happen, not knowing when will end, not seeing our friends and family, always worrying for them, for our kids…seeing our children struggling to understand and feeling imprisoned…all this has a great effect on my life and soul and mind! On all of us! 

Once in a while I feel I’m loosing it, once in a while I need to cry and take it all out so I can go on…and when my art doesn’t help, I have my music 🎶 

I put on a pair of headphones, play my favourite compilations (Hans Zimmer is a genius and I listen to this https://youtu.be/ht2ERtFfFPw over and over, close my eyes, just breathe to the rhythm and my eyes fill with tears. 

I imagine myself being free one more time, I see myself running through fields of golden wheat, my face caressed by the warm sun rays, wind playing with my hair and whispering “It’s going to be alright!” 

And I cry even more…it’s a mix of emotions, I cry for what it is bad but also for what will come good! I know it’s not forever but I can’t fight it today! I just want to cry, to listen to music and be on my own! 

I thought I would share that with you so you know that it’s ok not to be ok and it’s ok to shed tears! Crying helps, don’t try to stop it! 

Do yourself a favour and create your ideal stress management playlist. We are all different, and the genres of music that relax and makes us feel better or just help you cry it out vary, so it is always good to have your favourite tunes close by. 

Most of the time I listen to happy music, I dance a lot on my own or with my kids, when I paint I listen to love songs or classical music but when I’m low like today…I listen to music that brings out all the negative thoughts!

Music can be used to exalt, music can inspire imagination but also heal…today I’m not inspired, today I need to revive! 

Take care and know you are not alone! Listen to music and let your soul and mind wonder and see where they go and what they show you! 

Sending you love and don’t forget, live life in color 🌈Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Emotional and Relaxing Drama & Epic Film MusicEmotional and Relaxing Drama & Epic Film Music

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